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A Sparkling star in the biomedical field, t-he Cowealth Group has a passionate tea-m dedicated to forging the biggest medic-al distribution company...
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No. Partners No. Partners 1AsahiKASEI30KEHUA2ASIA-PACIFIC BIO31KUAKE3AusBio32Kyowa4Beckman33LEADMAN5BEiJiA34Long March6BGH35MAKER7BIOLOT36Medicalsystem8CENTRONIC37NEW CLEAN9Chemcli38Newland10Chuanzhi39Nittobo11DENKA40Olympus12DENUO41ORION13DIASYS42PHOENIX14Dibao43PREB15ebioe44RANDOX16Fudan-zhangjiang45reebio17G-Cell46Roche18GZ47SEAC19HITACHI48SEKISUI20homabio49shen feng 21huachen50shen suo 22HUAN TONG51SHINO23InTec52SIEMENS24INTEGRA53SYSMEX25JIEMEN54WAKO26jing yuan 55XunDa27Johnson&Johnson56Yongchang28Kangnaige57YuLan29KEFEN58Zi Xing
No. Partners No. Partners 1 AusBio 6 STAGO 2 BE 7 STEELLEX 3 Beckman 8 SUCCEEDER 4 Long Island 9 SUNBIO 5 SIEMENS
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财政部公布了第四批《废弃电器电子产品处理基金补贴企业名单》。连同此前公布的三批,目前共有107家被纳入基金补贴范围,北京市共有三家:华新绿源环保产业发展有限公司(简称“华新环保")、伟翔联合环保科技发展(北京)有限公司和北京市危险废物处置中心,其中香蕉皮是华新环保旗下的回收网站。 虽然我国家电回收行业正规军的规模再次扩大,但是整个回收行业的尴尬仍然没有解除:正规军不敌游击队,很多正规回收企业面临着无米下锅的窘境。任露介绍说,依据不完全统计,北京一年产生的废弃电子电器物在一千万台左右,但真正到正规回收企业的只有三百多万台,更多的是被游击队回收进行不正规的处理。 这种情况并非仅限北京地区。根据《中国废弃电器电子产品回收处理及综合利用行业白皮书2013》内容显示,2013年我国“四机一脑”合计理论报废量为10980.18万台,但纳入补贴名单的处理企业的实际拆解处理量刚刚达到4000万台,处理量不足报废量的四成。 在任露看来,游击队直接冲击到回收行业,一来游击队的散户体系比较庞大,远远高于正规行业,第二是游击队的综合回收成本非常低。正是因为游击队的存在,很多回收正规军在收购不到原料的情况下不得不频频停产。
国家工商行政管理总局9月4日宣布,从现在起到2015年底,将在全国范围内对家用电子电器、服装鞋帽、装饰装修材料、交通工具、有关服务等重点领域开展消费维权工作。        近年来,有关家用电子电器的申诉一直居消费申诉总量首位。工商部门将以家电、通讯器材、电脑等商品为重点,集中解决商品质量参差不齐、售后服务无保障、维修服务质量差等突出问题,依法查处以假充真、以次充好、虚假标注等违法行为。 服装鞋帽是大众化日常消费品,引发消费纠纷的几率较大,特别是儿童服装的质量关乎下一代健康成长。工商部门将以服装鞋帽、儿童服装、儿童用品等商品为重点,集中解决标识标注不规范、质量不达标、存在安全隐患等突出问题。        当前,一些劣质装饰装修材料存在严重安全隐患,危及公众健康。工商部门将以人造板及其制品、木器涂料、内墙涂料、胶粘剂、陶瓷地砖等装饰装修材料和家具等商品为重点,集中解决违反装饰装修材料有害物质限量标准要求的质量安全问题。 近期,电动自行车超速、超重,汽车配件假冒伪劣所引起的交通事故不断发生。工商部门将以汽车灯具、刹车片、制动软管等汽车配件和电动自行车等商品为重点,集中解决不符合安全标准、没有产品合格证等突出问题。
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All the rich actively integrate medical tec-hnology suppliers and industry resources, and constantly open up cooperation in v-arious medical fields
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In the shareholder-oriented corporate g-overnance principles,we provide informa-tion about the rich competitiveness and g-rowth potential...
About Us
About us About us
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A Sparkling star in the biomedical field, the Cowealth Group has a passionate team dedicated to forging the biggest medical distribution company in the Greater China market.

The Cowealth Group (“Cowealth”) was founded in 1997 and immediately built a presence in China,specializing in the diagnostic clinical laboratory field. In 2005, we introduced radiation oncology technology into the market, going beyond the technical scope of our diagnostic reagents supply and logistics program and also established Cowealth Medical Holding Co. Three years later, Cowealth launched the Summit Project plan in the diagnostic field, and in 2010, we acquired a 3,000-square-meter plot of property to build a Greater China operations center and a new Cowealth Group headquarters.

In 2012, Cowealth entered the hospital management field and soon emerged as the biggest cross-strait platform dedicated to the integration and exchange of medical resources, facilitating our company's path to IPO in Taiwan(4745.TWO) on Jan. 30, 2013. Most recently, Cowealth entered the ophthalmology and MRI-guided radiation therapy fields, introducing advanced innovative technologies in both fields. We now have broad coverage across Greater China, with management offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Jinan, Guangzhou and Taipei.

Prosperity through Cooperation
The main components of our company's name (“Co” and “Wealth”) embody our corporate mission to “create wealth through cooperation.” Our founding mission was to elevate the medical standards of hospitals in Greater China by giving Chinese hospitals access to the world’s most advanced medical equipment to improve patient care. Intended on creating the best possible outcomes for every client, we offer solutions that are tailored to each hospital’s specific conditions combining, solutions that enhance the reputations of the hospitals we partner with and the competitive advantages of their medical teams. We optimize our hospital partners' medical infrastructure and improve their diagnostic and treatment capabilities. These advantages help our clients emerge as leaders in the health care sector and secure the support of regulatory agencies, while also establishing strong, sustainable foundations.

Fields of Specialization
Cowealth works with hospitals in several fields: diagnostic clinical laboratory, the Summit Project,technology access, hospital management, Cross-strait Hospital Department Cooperation, and talent cultivation. Through these many areas of expertise, we can improve hospitals’ economic and operational performance by reducing costs, creating new sources of income, and also forging significant social benefits through elevating their technological standards and service efficiencies and improving their academic activities.

Diversified Development
Cowealth has built direct strategic alliances with more than 70 world-class medical equipment manufacturers and developed a vertically integrated supply chain of advanced medical technology featuring several different models of cooperation. At the same time, we have also worked with other medical supply companies in pooling resources to extend our reach and deepen cooperation. This diversified development has enabled Cowealth and hospitals to collaborate in an increasing number of fields.

Client Recognition
All of our business models are devised with a long-term and sustainable partnership in mind. Cowealth generally signs contracts of five to eight years with hospitals and perseveres to create meaningful “win-win” relationships over time. Our track record of sustained successes has steadily strengthened the trust customers place in us, which is why we have grown into a publicly listed company that has executed more than 1,000 projects since inception in 1997 and currently serves more than 500 clients. We could not have achieved this success without the backing of our customers and firmly belief that this growing support will help Cowealth soon emerge as the largest medical distributor in the Greater China market.

Your Trust Our Strength

Your Trust Our Strength!
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